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WEBINAR: 5 Easy Ways to Fail in Education

By Stetson & Associates, Inc. | May 22, 2015

The Imperative for Reinvention in Special Education Join Dr. Frances Stetson as she discusses the five easiest ways to fail in education in this webinar hosted by PresenceLearning. She will…

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We’re Reading…Models of Professional Development

By Judith Moening, Ph.D. | March 17, 2015

What we are Reading Inclusive programming for students with disabilities is still a change for many school systems.  We know that creating change in an educational system requires training, follow-up…

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We’re Reading…Giving 2.0: Transform Your Giving and Our World

By Stetson & Associates, Inc. | May 29, 2014

*This post was originally written by Dieu-Anh Nguyen, one of our previous colleagues at Stetson & Associates. What we are Reading As June approaches, I look forward to a less…

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We are Reading…Total Participation Techniques

By Tim LaCourt, M.A. | May 13, 2014

(2011) Written By:  Drs. Persida Himmele and William Himmele.1 In classrooms across this country, students with disabilities and those who struggle for a variety of reasons are often the students…

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Effective Co-Teaching Partnerships

By Stetson & Associates, Inc. | May 5, 2014

*This post was originally written by Barbara Proctor, one of our previous colleagues at Stetson & Associates.   Frequently when I am working with teachers who are considering co-teaching or…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Culturally Responsive Instruction

By Stetson & Associates, Inc. | May 5, 2014

Why is it important to address student diversity? Today’s students are increasingly more diverse in their cultures, languages, abilities, interests and learning styles. As educators we are held accountable to…

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A Missing Link

By Tim LaCourt, M.A. | April 8, 2013

In my career as a special education teacher, curriculum supervisor, and then principal, Inclusion was a priority focus; however, there always seemed to be a missing link in the process…

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Instructional Leadership

By Kristi Henderson, M.Ed. | March 20, 2012

As a former school administrator, the words I heard most to describe my job function was “instructional leader.” This phrase was number one on the job description, used throughout the…

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