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Our mission is to assist educators in serving children and youth in effective and meaningful ways.

When you receive our materials, you are free to duplicate them for your own use in your particular classroom, school, or district. There is only one restriction: if other educators or school systems ask for copies of materials you gained through our website or a contract arrangement with Stetson and Associates, please ask them to contact us directly for permission.

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Distance Learning Resources

Inclusion Resources

Inclusion Resources

Access several free resources to support inclusive practices including an interactive inclusion glossary, scheduling forms and our inclusion roadmap.

Effective Teaching Resources

Differentiated Instruction Resources

We offer a variety of free resources to help differentiate instruction for all students including learning inventories, student profiles and several instructional strategies.

Collaborative Teaching Resources

Collaborative Teaching Resources

To support collaborative teaching practices, we have several resources available including planning forms, discussion tools and guides for collaborative teaching partners.

Paraeducator Resources

Paraeducator Resources

Paraeducators play an important role in the classroom, so we have provided free resources to help them organize their schedule and reflect on their effectiveness.

Video Tutorials

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